Featured Playlist: Conscious Centre

Think in the morning. Act in the noon. Eat in the evening. Sleep in the night.”

Conscious Centre is a collection of music for the soul, food for the awakened ones.

Twenty twenty was a focus on becoming even more spiritually aware of who 👁 am. This new playlist on Spotify is how I’ve been enabled to share music here in the Vonenzo Baschello World.

What resonates with me, esoterically 👁 am on a wave just like the one’s who can see my versatility…

The playlist features songs from artists 👁 met locally, nationally, and internationally. As the discovery continues, new music will be posted on X: @Vonenzo

Alamo Rogers
Mia Liyah
Narubi Selah

And more.

When you don’t know yourself, then you cannot be in-love.

It all looks easy from the outside in, until one learns how to understand that for many like myself it is a journey of self discovery, and patience, also fulfillment of the responsibilities to your cells. What makes you tick, instead of falling for the ticks.


Enjoy my new playlist,. and share it with your soul fam.