Vonenzo Baschello’s “Red Pill” Brendon-Lee FireEQ Remix Available as NFT on Cent.co

Exciting news for music fans and NFT collectors alike! Vonenzo Baschello’s acclaimed “Red Pill” remix by Brendon-Lee FireEQ, originally released in 2019, has now made its way onto the digital art scene. The track is scheduled to be released as a unique NFT on vonenzobaschello.cent.co in 2024.

The original “Red Pill” by Vonenzo Baschello captivated audiences with its unique blend of pulsating beats and ethereal melodies. The Brendon-Lee FireEQ Remix elevated the track to new heights, infusing it with his signature style that flawlessly merges high-energy rhythms with ambient soundscapes. This remix not only appealed to the existing fans of the track but also attracted a new audience with its distinctive sound.

Brendon-Lee FireEQ, known for his innovative approach to remixes, transformed this already successful track into a fresh and exhilarating soundscape. Now, this remix is set to reach a whole new audience as an NFT, opening an exciting chapter for the intersection of music and blockchain technology.

The Brendon-Lee FireEQ Remix will be available for purchase on Cent.co, a highly innovative platform for NFTs. This presents a unique opportunity for music fans and NFT collectors to own a piece of electronic music history.

In anticipation of the NFT’s release, Vonenzo Baschello stated, “I’m thrilled to bring ‘Red Pill’ remix to the NFT space. I’ve long admired the innovative potential of blockchain technology and I’m excited to see how it allows us to re-imagine the ways in which music is shared and owned.”

Stay tuned for the 2024 release on Cent.co, which promises to be one of the most exciting NFT drops of the year.

Cent.co is a leading platform in the burgeoning world of Non-fungible Tokens (NFTs). It functions not only as a marketplace for buying and selling NFTs but also as a micro community where creators, collectors, and enthusiasts can interact.

What sets Cent.co apart from traditional social networks is its ability to allow creators to monetize their content directly. This means that artists and creators can mint their digital art into NFTs on the platform and sell them directly to collectors and fans. This direct monetization model eliminates intermediaries, allowing creators to have full control over their work and its pricing.

What is CENT.co?

The platform is built on the Polygon blockchain, one of the most well-established and secure blockchain networks in the world. This ensures the authenticity and ownership of the NFTs minted and sold on Cent.co. Each NFT comes with an immutable record of ownership, providing assurance to collectors about the authenticity of their purchases.

Cent.co has gained a strong reputation for its commitment to democratizing digital art and providing artists with innovative ways to connect with their fans. The platform fosters a strong community of artists, collectors, and digital art enthusiasts who are passionate about the future of art in the digital space.

Additionally, Cent.co is also known for its commitment to user experience. The platform is designed to be user-friendly, making it easy for both seasoned NFT collectors and newcomers to navigate and engage with its features. It also provides resources for users to educate themselves about NFTs, their creation, and their collection.

In summary, Cent.co is more than just an NFT platform. It’s an ecosystem that is reshaping the way creators and collectors interact, making the world of digital art more accessible and rewarding for everyone involved.

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To mint an NFT on Cent.co, follow these simple steps:

  1. Follow the invite link to CENT Pages and set up your profile.
  2. Connect your Ethereum wallet. (This is not mandatory as CENT creates a wallet for you, however, users can add their Polygon wallet in Settings).
  3. Navigate to the “Studio” view on the platform and press “Release NFT”.
  4. Upload your digital file (artwork, music, etc.) and provide all the necessary details such as title, description, and price.
  5. Once you are satisfied with the details about your release, click on the “Publish” button to finalize your NFT.
  6. Congratulations! Your NFT is now live on Cent.co and available for others to view and purchase.

Remember, each time you mint an NFT on Cent.co, it becomes a unique, non-replaceable item on the Polygon blockchain, ensuring your ownership and the authenticity of your creation.

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